Manelle Oliphant 











It was a great conference this year. The portfolio display was amazing with many examples of great art. We said good bye to Sherry Meidell as the area illustrator coordinator and said hello to Manelle Oliphant.

Sherry Meidell and John Elgren of the Sons Of the Utah Pioneers

Sherry Meidell painted and presented a watercolor for the Sons of the Utah Pioneers. They have been very geneous with their building and accommodating our conference.

Richard Erickson

Richard Ericksen the art director from Deseret Book talked about getting the book brief and then picking the designer and the illustrator. He has to think about budget and time frame. Is the tone of the art consistent with the text? The cover illustration is needed as soon as possible for publicity purposes. One thing for illustrators to consider is the trust the publisher has put in you to meet deadlines and to do the project right.

Brandon Dorman

The great illustrator Brandon Dorman talked about each illustrator having their own unique journey. He also talked about the importance of meeting deadlines. If we work hard, we can help our stars align. He also talked about walking through all doors that open to you.

Brandon Dorman

We had two break out sessions this year. Manelle Oliphant and Shawna Tenney were the presenters. Manelle talked about the importance of branding and gave us many things to think about. She had a lot of questions for us to ask ourselves about what brand we want to put out there and who we are talking to.

Manelle Oliphant

Shawna talked about how to put together a great book dummy. The illustrators that attended her presentation appreciated the insights she presented.

Shawna Tenney

The first look was a great chance to hear the presenters critique the participant’s illustrations. We got the opportunity to look at the art and see and hear what others might think about the illustrations. There is always a lot to be learned from the comments that are made.

First Look

There is also a lot of conversation and networking that takes place in the illustrator to illustrator break out session. It gives the illustrators the chance to ask questions of their peers and hear what others are doing.
Then to wind up we had the panel discussion which is always informative. We could ask questions to the presenters and get some last minute comments from them on subjects that interested the illustrators. It was another great conference.

Travis Rawlings and Annie Bailey
Manelle Oliphant and Jennifer Eichelberger
The audience and portfolio display
Margaret Weber, Brandon Dorman and Richard Ericksen
Margaret Weber, Brandon Dorman and Richard Erickson

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