Over the next few months we will be posting an interview a month that we had with some of the attendants of out Illustrators Conference. Get to know a few of our local illustrators and find out what the conference means for them.



What made you want to be an artist? And how long have you been pursuing illustration?

I’ve always wanted to be an artist of some sort. Illustration was a way to appease both my love of painting and telling stories. I’m still a little surprised that I can actually make a living out of doing something so enjoyable to me! I’ve only been seriously pursuing illustration for a couple of years so I’m still very much a novice.


Why did you come to the Illustration Conference?

I went to the conference as a way to put myself out there. People always say that networking with other artists is one of the best things you can do so I’m trying to follow that advice, even if my shyness sometimes makes it difficult!

What did you hope to get out of the conference? 

I was hoping to learn some solid, practical advice about how to approach publishers or agents. It was my first ever conference so I didn’t know what to expect. Mostly I was going as a silent observer so I could absorb and know what to prepare for with future conferences.


What did you do to prepare for the conference?

I made sure I had postcards with my artwork and contact info. I also brought a few copies of books I’d worked on in the past as well as a bound portfolio of my more recent work.


Would you recommend the conference to others?

I would! The conference was a lot more intimate than I thought it would be so any newcomers shouldn’t feel intimidated. Just make sure to put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to people.

check out her website here nataliehoopes.com you can follow her on Instagram and twitter @nanlikesbooks

For more information on this coming conference click here.

To regester for the conference click here.


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