The Utah Southern Idaho SCBWI Illustrator’s Conference


Nicki Carmack the Art Director From Peachtree Publishing

This years gathering of Illustrators met at the Sons of the Utah Pioneer Building for the Utah Southern Idaho SCBWI Illustrator’s Conference. This years conference was filled with great information for illustrator’s.


Nicki Carmack presenting to the Utah Southern Idaho SCBWI Illustrator’s Conference

Nicki Carmack, the art director from Peachtree Publishing in Atlanta, Georgia gave some great information on Book Covers and the 10 foot rule.


Nicki Carmack sharing ideas on great book covers.

She talked about some things to remember when creating book covers and showed some great examples of covers from Peachtree. Nicki also spent time doing personal critiques of picture books.


Nicki Carmack taking a look at some of the portfolios.

Greg and Hala Swearingen were the guest illustrators this year. They talked about generating ideas. “What do you want to say?” The advantages of experimenting, and using different angles to create your illustrations.

This was a conference that was great for the seasoned illustrator and those that were new to the field. Next years conference will be March 3rd. Save the date. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday.

The Art Director and the Illustrators gave on the spot critiques of covers created by the attending illustrators.


Nicki Carmack, Jen Eichelberger, Sherry Meidell, Shawna Tenney, Manelle Oliphant, Hala Swearingen, Greag Swearingen and Travis Rawlings.

A big thank you to all those who made this years conference a great success.


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