Publishing in a Barn

Gibb Smith Publishing

Gibb Smith Publishing

The Utah/Southern Idaho SCBWI Pal Reception was October 11th at Gibb Smith’s Publishing in Layton, Utah. We were welcomed into the barn and met Gibb Smith, who graces the covers of their catalogues with paintings of independent book stores around the country. Suzanne Taylor, the Creative Director introduced us to some of their great books, including “Pocket Doodles for Kids” and the great Baby Lit Board Books with art by Alison Oliver. These books are so nicely designed that you can’t help picking them up in your hands and rubbing the covers before you open them. Such great titles as “Sense and Sensibility” and Sherlock Holmes”, and “Dracula”,  who wouldn’t want to introduce their sweet little toddler to great literature. 

The walls of the barn were decorated with everything from an Elvis clock with swiveling hips to photos of John Wayne and other celebrities. You could tell a lifetime of collecting had ended up on the walls. It felt like walking into creativity. 

The PAL members were able to meet with Kate Coombs, the Curriculum Director, Alane Ferguson our Boot Camp Doctor, Carol Williams, who would be her assistant, Nessa Jensen our Regional Advisor and Elissa Cruz our Assistant ARA. We had such a great time, they had a hard time getting us out of the building. Here’s a big thank you to Gibb Smith for the nice evening. 

















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