Illustrators at the Bountiful Davis Art Center


The Bountiful Davis Art Center was filled with right brained illustrators, taking notes and filling their sketch books on Saturday February 25th. You could feel the creative atmosphere increase as the illustrators started streaming through the door. The number of those who attended more than doubled from last year. Forty illustrators from across the state converged on the Art Center to improve their craft. Will Terry convinced many of his students from UVU to attend which added to the excitement.

We were welcomed and introduced to the Conference by Sydney Hussman the Regional Advisor of SCBWI then Sherry Meidell, the SCBWI illustrator coordinator did a presentation on the Characteristics of Children. She invited the illustrators to sketch as she presented so they would not slip off their chairs onto the floor into a coma. No one dropped so she felt the presentation was successful.



Anne Bowen at UTSCBWI Illustrators


Author Anne Bowen


Illustrators at BDAC


Anne Bowen, the author of several picture books, (including “I Know An Old Teacher” illustrated by Stephen Gammell)  captured the audience with words. She talked about the characteristics of the “List’ Picture Book and the “Story” Picture Book and helped us to look at picture books from the writing end of things. She used manuscripts from writers including her “Scooter in THE OUTSIDE” which will soon be a book. Hands went up with many questions which Anne answered nicely. She captured the attention of illustrators with word and stories.


Will Terry presented about marketing yourself in a global market place. Will has done an excellent job with teaching videos that he has available on his web site and ebooks that lead the viewer back to his web site and blog. He shared great information about how to make sure your art stays out in the public eye. Being an illustrator, he captured our attention with pictures and words. One of the benefits of being at a conference is finding out information that just comes up by being there. We were able to watch Will use his ipad to sketch with his finger. It’s almost like being a super hero. The drawing came out of the end of his finger. Ahhh or Arggh We have entered the digital age.







Will Terry at the Utah SCBWI Illustrator’s Conference



After a break for lunch, we met downstair to sketch children. A family of eight were kind enough to sit on the floor and play while the illustrators tried to capture the children with a quick eye and quicker sketching. Kids do not hold still. The two year old ran around the group, singing out, “My feet. My feet. My feet.” The trick was trying to capture a moving object and trap it on your paper. You can’t help sketching with a smile when you are sketching kids. The two year old did something that got his little 5 month old sister to first giggle and then laugh right out loud. The illustrators came up with some great sketches which we displayed around the room with portfolios and post cards to share with those that attended. An added bonus was an impromptu showing of Mark Pett’s book that has been bought by Simon and Schuster “A Boy and His Plane” It is a delightful wordless picture book, one that will become a treasure.


Will Terry competing with BDAC Sculpture


Utah SCBWI Illustrator’s Conference



An added benefit was the BDAC Statewide Exhibition which was hanging and gave illlustrators a view of some of the amazing art being created around the state. It was a great conference with great information at a great price. We were introduced to new ideas and given new direction. It was a nice way to spend a Saturday.


Will grabs their attention.


Will Terry Answering Questions




Mark Pett


Mark Pett’s impromptu presentation

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